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School Uniform

Our uniform guidance requires all students to wear plain black shoes, along with a choice of either grey or black trousers, dress, skirt, or shorts. The standard attire also includes a smart and comfortable sky blue polo shirt, complemented by a navy blue jumper to ensure a smart and professional appearance.

Our PE Kit now consists of a crisp white polo shirt paired with plain non-branded black sports shorts, jogging bottoms or leggings, encouraging a smart, sporty look for our pupils during PE. Children are welcome to wear their PE Kit to school on the days that they have PE.

We understand the importance of affordability and accessibility for our families, with the exception of our school jumper, the majority of our uniform can be easily purchased at most supermarkets for just a few pounds, making it a convenient and budget-friendly choice. School uniform with the Fishponds logo can be purchased online or in store from Doug Hillard.

Uniforms play a significant role in fostering a sense of belonging, promoting discipline, and creating a focused learning environment. We believe that adhering to these standards will not only enhance the overall appearance of our students but also instil a sense of pride and unity within our school community. 

Uniform requirements


  • Mid-grey trousers
  • Mid-grey shorts in the summer
  • Pale Blue polo shirt (with or without the school motif)
  • Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan with the school motif
  • A pair of non-branded black sensible shoes


  • Mid-grey skirts, pinafore dresses or trousers
  • White or grey socks or tights
  • Pale blue polo shirt (with or without the school motif)
  • Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan with the school motif
  • A pair of non-branded sensible black shoes (No fashion shoes, large boots or heels) 
  • A summer dress (blue and white gingham). 
  • A navy hijab for girls who choose to wear one.

PE Kit

  • A pair of non-branded black shorts
  • A pair of non-branded black jogging bottoms or leggings 
  • A plain white polo shirt 
  • A pair of non-branded plain plimsolls or trainers

Jewellery and Watches

Jewellery and make up should not be worn in school. Earrings are not allowed, except for children with pierced ears, who may wear studs on those days when they do not have swimming or PE. On swimming and PE days studs should not be worn. The only exception to this rule is if a child’s ears have very recently been pierced then, on swimming and PE days, they may wear their studs provided they have been covered with tape before coming to school. Once the lesson is over the child can remove the tape.

Children may wear an ordinary watch when they are able to tell the time but responsibility for its safe keeping belongs to them, and the school will not be held responsible for any losses. Children should not wear smart watches to school. 

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