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Our Testimonials

See what our Students & their Parentsare saying about us:

We have a fun playground. Everyone is special and different. Our teachers are nice. Learning is fun.

The teachers and the children [make my school fantastic] because the teachers work very hard on the work for the pupils and the children listen to what they have to do. Making the future generation great! What's a school with no children or teachers?

The teachers make learning fun.

Fishponds Academy is special because it has so many books and it has taught me a lot. I also love the playground and equipment. We have a basketball court and football goals too. I love maths and English because they are very fun.

Fishponds is special because everyone is special and we are all different. We can all help the school to be great.

The children are really happy at Fishponds Academy. The atmosphere is so welcoming and loving that they feel safe and secure coming to school each day. The staff go above and beyond to be helpful and make the learning fun and engaging.

What makes [Fishponds Academy] special is because everyone shows love, respect, kindness, compassion, truth, hope, patience and so much more.

Fishponds Academy helps you to learn and there is lots of fun stuff to do. There are lots of really nice teachers and lots of friends.

We are all unique.

The whole community is so friendly and welcoming, the staff are really helpful and kind.

Fishponds CE Academy is a wonderfully diverse school where every child is loved and nurtured by all staff.

I thought you might be wondering how [my child] is doing, I know how much you supported and helped them.

In short, they are smashing it. Confident, happy and resilient. They had one wobble but knew how to feel calm again and went immediately to their Head of House for help. They have the tools they need to feel in control and I know you really helped with this. They have multiple friendship groups and know they can be themselves and people will like them.

So many teachers helped [my child] along and we appreciate you all.

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